At a time when middle and high-school students are learning to think about their place on this planet, One Fish Foundation brings the sustainable seafood message into classrooms.

The One Fish Foundation Education Initiative sheds light on the path seafood often takes from ocean to plate.

Students learn about different wild harvest methods and the environmental, economic and social impacts of each in compelling images and dynamic discussion.

They see the growing impact of aquaculture on seafood sustainability, including some of the key benefits and real pitfalls of different approaches to farming fish and shellfish.

Students begin to understand some of the complex challenges in managing local, regional, national and international fisheries and the increasing impact of climate change on sustainability.

One Fish Foundation Director Colles Stowell brings energy to the discussion of seafood sustainability and sparks student interest in important questions such as: Where does this salmon come from? How was it harvested or farmed? Is the population healthy? Was it given hormones or antibiotics to speed growth or fight disease?

The two-class curriculum features a creative mix of slides, gallery walks, roundtable discussions, decision support tools and an optional project, all tailored to specific class needs. We gauge student comprehension via before-and-after surveys to ensure curriculum effectiveness.


The end game?

Students should have the knowledge and confidence to ask questions about the seafood on a menu or at a store and make their own choices. They’ll also know the importance of choosing local fish and shellfish.

Seafood with a conscience.


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