When was the last time you could ask the fishermen about the pollock … while you were eating it? How about asking the chef what goes into seafood menu selections … while you were eating grilled local squid ramen in a green crab broth he or she just prepared? When is the last time you’ve been able to talk to experts about why you should care where, when, how and by whom your seafood was harvested?

One Fish Foundation’s KNOW FISH Dinners® are informative, interactive and delicious dining experiences in which attendees meet the fishermen who caught the fish they’re eating, or the oysterman who cultured the oysters on the half shell. They hear the story behind the unfortunate statistic that 90% of the seafood consumed in the U.S. is imported, and more than half of that is farmed, much of which in conditions the FDA deems unsafe. They discover why the average seafood travels more than 5,000 miles from boat to plate.

And while feasting on the freshest seafood available, they engage in the discussion about how they can turn that dynamic around by choosing locally sourced seafood harvested by fishermen who care about the resource. Attendees understand that their seafood choices at restaurants or seafood counters make a difference … to their diets, the fishermen, the local businesses selling the product and mostly, to the resource.

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KNOW FISH Dinners®: Food. Discussion. Fun.